New vs. Used: The Benefits of Both

Choosing between buying a new or used car isn't always an easy decision for Sylva and Hazelwood, NC area shoppers. Both options have some major benefits to consider. The best route for you depends on a variety of preferences, from budget to interior options.

The good news is, you can likely figure out whether to buy new or used by taking a look at your own preferences. Here's a quick breakdown to make the task a bit easier.

Benefits of Buying a New Car: One of the top benefits of buying a new vehicle is that it's, well, new. You're starting with a clean slate -- low mileage, no wear and tear, and a new warranty. Buying new also means you're getting the latest in features and vehicle design. You can take advantage of cutting-edge developments in safety, technology, comfort, and performance. On top of it all, new cars also tend to retrieve better financing terms than used ones. You'll also have the option to lease a new model.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car: Used cars may have higher mileage than new models, but they have a clear advantage: pricing. Used cars tend to simply be cheaper. That means you can often get more car for your money. Or, you can shop for quality vehicles within a price range that's unrealistic for new models. You can also explore certified pre-owned vehicles that come with many of the advantages of a new model without the high price tag.

Once you've chosen which route to take, it's time to start shopping. You can begin here at Smoky Mountain Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram near Franklin and Waynesville, where we have plenty of options for both used and new vehicles. Make the quick drive from Cullowhee or Clayton, NC and you can explore a wide variety of new 2019 models and or pre-owned vehicles.

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